What is Meadowbrook Youth?

Meadowbrook Youth is here to encourage and support junior high and high school students to pursue a life of purpose and service through a committed relationship with Jesus. We desire to get to know each of our students and help them understand who God is and what He says about them. We do this through our small groups, services, fun activities, retreats, and missions trips.


Junior High

Junior high students have a blast connecting with each other and their leaders. We want to help our junior high students know what it means to have a meaningful relationship with Jesus. We have games and teaching that students can relate to and apply to their life. We also plan events specifically for junior high students that they will not want to miss out on!

Senior High

High School students enjoy spending time with friends and leaders in an inviting place. We want our high school students to grow in who Jesus is in their lives and learn how they can make an impact in the world around them. We are about getting our high school students involved in leadership and being a part of the ministry.