Be A Part Of A Small Group

Small Groups at Meadowbrook

Small groups give people an outlet to connect, grow and serve in a smaller setting than Sunday morning service. Our desire is to see everyone who attends MCC involved in a small group where they can build strong relationships and “do life together.” There are many groups that meet in and around the Champaign/Urbana area at various times of the week. Small groups spend time growing in relationships and taking a deeper look into our Sunday messages. If you are interested in joining, hosting or starting a new group, please contact Pastor Kent at [email protected]

When do Small Groups meet and how often?
Small Groups meet during the second and fourth week of each month. A majority of groups meet on Sundays, however some meet throughout the week. Small Groups will meet six to eight times during each semester.

Where do Small Groups meet?
Most groups meet in a member’s home. Often, groups will rotate the host home among their members. Group members with the gift of hospitality play a vital role in this ministry.

How do I join a Small Group?
The first step in joining a Small Group is to simply let us know you want to join. Please fill out the form below. Pastor Kent will then work to help you get connected with the right group for you.

How do Small Groups form?
We have two formal Small Group launches every year, once in January and again in August. Prior to these launches, individuals will be encouraged to join a Small Group by signing up at the Connection Center on Sunday mornings. Small Group leaders are encouraged to invite and recruit others to join their group.

How does someone become a Small Group leader?
The most important quality for being a leader is a willingness to lead. Small Group leaders are Christians who want to help others connect, grow and reach out together. If you would like to become a leader, please contact Pastor Kent at [email protected] He will help you get started.

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